Five Traditional German Dishes

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Want to know more about German Food? Let’s explore the outstanding German dishes.

With a population of more than 83 million residents and diverse traditions, German food is much more than just Schnitzel and Bratwurst.

Here is an overview of some traditional German dishes you are likely to encounter. There are also many regional specialties that are very popular original dishes from Germany.

Brezeln (Pretzel)

A Brezel (or Brezeln) is better known in English as a pretzel. It is a pastry made of wheat dough that you then tie into a knot. 

German pretzels are soft and baked. You can put sea salt and ground cheese on yours for a savory snack. You can also top yours with cinnamon sugar or nuts.


Rouladen is one of the top preferred German dinner recipes in Germany. Rolled beef will become more flavorful after being stocked. The highlight of this food is the appearance of gravy. This recipe goes well with mashed potatoes.

Its name “roulade” comes from the French word “rouler”, which means “roll”. It often appears during holidays or family celebrations. This recipe is often served with bacon strips, sliced pickles, carrots, bread, or rolled into small logs.


When it comes to great German culinary recipes, it is impossible not to mention Sauerbraten. It is also known as a German pot roast or “sour roast”. You will feel the sour and sweet taste of the sauce in this food.

Traditional german dishes

You can choose from beef, veal, or pork versions to eat. After being marinated for many days, the rich flavor and tenderness of the meat will make you remember it forever. Charlemagne was the first to make this impressive dish in the 9th century.

The 13th century was the period of popularity of this food. Most restaurants at Saint Albertus Magnus or Saint Albert the Great have this food. People love it for Sunday dinners, and they will use beef and venison more often than horse meat.

German potato salad

The most infamous German ingredient is potatoes. There are many German potato varieties because southern Germany is an area conducive to potato cultivation. Many Bavarians have come up with a range of recipes, using everything they have at their disposal.

Unlike other forms of potato salad, German potato salad relies on bacon, sugar, and white vinegar. This adds more salt and fat to the dish, without it being too caloric. 

Potato salad complements a number of German dishes. If you want an Americanized German dish, you can find American-style German potato salad recipes online. 


Currywurst may be somewhat looked down upon by Berlin’s residents, but the city can’t entirely turn its back on its most popular invention, the tasty curried sausage. Indeed, some 70 million Currywurst are sold in Berlin each year, and not just to tourists: a 2008 study reported that 80 percent of Germans consider Currywurst a staple of their diet.

The story goes that, one day in 1949, a woman named Herta Heuwer managed to procure some curry powder from British troops in Berlin. Back at her snack stand, she mixed the spice with some ketchup, added a dash of salt, sugar and Worcestershire sauce, and just like that, the Currywurst was born. Today there are thousands of snack stands all over Germany selling the tasty sausages, usually sliced and accompanied with fries or a bread roll and an ice-cold German beer

Grüne Soße

Grüne Soße

Frankfurt’s speciality – and reportedly Goethe’s favourite sauce – Grüne Soße (green sauce) is a mixture of sour cream, oil, vinegar, mustard, hard-boiled eggs and seven herbs (parsley, chives, chervil, cress, borage, sorrel and salad burnet). People in Frankfurt can’t get enough of it! The sauce has been awarded protected status within the EU and there is even a monument dedicated to it in Frankfurt-Oberrad.

Green sauce, known as “Grie Soß” in Frankfurt dialect, is usually served cold, with boiled potatoes and hard-boiled eggs. It is also sometimes used as an accompaniment to fish, asparagus or roast beef. It even finds its way into some Schnitzel dishes – Frankfurter Schnitzel is a local speciality.

If you plan to travel to Germany, do not hesitate to try one of these traditional German dishes

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