10 Usefull tips for traveling easy

These tips for traveling will have you saving money, sleeping better, getting off the beaten path more, meeting locals, and just being a better traveler.

1. Travel by yourself at least once

With this first tip for traveling you’ll learn a lot about yourself and how to become independent. It’s a cliché, but it’s true. Traveling will teach you to fend for yourself, talk to people, and handle unfamiliar situations with ease. It’s made you comfortable with myourself, it will help you learn about what you are capable of, and it will you allow to be super selfish and do whatever you want! It can take some getting used to if you’ve never done it before but do it at least once. Make yourself uncomfortable and surprise yourself. You’ll learn valuable life skills when you push yourself.

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2. Learn common phrases of the local language

Visiting a new place will always be easier if you have some knowledge of the local language.

This doesn’t mean that you have to spend weeks picking up the new language. It simply means that you can take out a few hours each week before your trip to learn some common phrases in the local language that will help you when in the foreign land.

Such phrases include “I’m sorry”“hello”“thank you” and anything else that you feel is necessary to get you through your trip.

It is also a good option to learn the official language spoken in the country to which you will travel.

3. Always pack a towel

It’s the key to successful galactic hitchhiking and plain common sense. You never know when you will need it, whether it’s at the beach, on a picnic, or just to dry off. While many hostels offer towels, you never know and carrying a small towel won’t add that much weight to your bag

4. Find photogenic places & spots using Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media applications you can resort to if you want to stay updated with the best places in town to visit.

Before you plan a trip to any destination, make sure to check Instagram for all the most scenic places you must visit in that particular town and city.

photogenic places

Each city in every country has certain must-see tourist spots, including places of worship, museums, or even landscapes full of natural beauty that you must visit. Instagram can be pretty useful as a starting point for pinning down which places you should necessarily add to your itinerary.

Besides you’ll be able to see special tips for traveling for local places.

5. Use a VPN to potentially get a discount on flights

Generally speaking, travel websites tend to track your IP address and the prices that they offer you are based on where you are browsing from.

Using a VPN for travel, you can hide your IP address and consequently, you might be able to benefit from lower flight prices. For example, if you were to set your IP address to a lower income country, you may be able to book a flight at a lower price.

Similarly, you may be able to set your IP address to the country from which that particular airline operates, and thereby save on flight costs.

6. Use Facebook Groups For Local Experiences 

A great way to discover local experiences that are low-cost, or free is via Facebook groups. 

Most popular destinations will have a Facebook group that’s dedicated to sharing information about travelling around that destination. 

7. Bring An Universal Adapter

You can’t travel without a universal adapter. It’s an absolutely travel necessity!

Adapters can change from country to country, so a universal adapter will allow you to stay charged whilst travelling the world. 

8. An app Translate Can Be Useful When You’re Struggling To Communicate 

It’s all well and good knowing little bits of the local language, but if you need to ask something specific, you’ll run into problems. 

A great way to overcome this is simply by using a translate. It’s also a good way to learn new phrases too! 

Our tip: Here you can find Talkao translate app, in order to keep a conversation with Talk mode in more than 100 languages.

Talkao translate

Talkao translate use the latest advances in artificial intelligence applied to translation. Enjoy 4 apps in 1: Translate audio and text, translate in real time, translate remotely and learn languages with our smartbooks.

9. Book A Hotel/Hostel That Includes Breakfast

Tonnes of hotels and hostels include breakfast in their rate, but if they don’t, you’ll often have the option to add it on. In Asia, this typically costs an extra $1-2 so it’s worth doing.

When possible, try and choose an accommodation option that includes the breakfast. That’s one less meal you have to worry about paying for! 

If you’re really tight on money, you could also book accommodation that has cooking facilities so you can cook your own lunch and dinner. 

10. Make extra copies of your passport and important documents.

passport id documents

Don’t forget to e-mail a copy to yourself too. You never know when you might need to have some sort of documentation with you and might not want to carry your original. Additionally, if your passport gets stolen having a copy will come in handy for your police report.

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